2018 Illumination Awards

Congratulations to our local Award of Merit recipients!

  • NorQuest College - Singhmar Centre for Learning

    • Lighting Design Firm: DIALOG

    • Lighting Designers: Tom Sutherland, Trina Larsen, Nicole Guenette

      • Submitted by Josh Bornia, DIALOG

  • Intelligent Streetlight

    • Submitted by Amro Alansari, ATCO

2017 Illumination Awards

Congratulations to our local Award of Merit recipients!

Terwillegar Park Foot bridge

Designer: Christopher Barr

Company: Stantec Consulting Ltd.

The Terwillegar footbridge is Edmonton’s first ‘stressed ribbon’ bridge, a minimalist design that doesn’t distract from the surrounding scenery. Edmonton is one of only two Canadian cities that have constructed this type of bridge, at 262 m the footbridge is the second largest in the world.

Challenge #1:

Stantec was given the challenge of providing the appropriate design solution that would fit with the minimalist design of this footbridge. Traditional use of poles and bollards were not permitted due to architectural guidelines. Integrated handrail lighting was prohibited due the dynamic structural forces experienced by the handrail.

Solution #1:

Stantec developed a design using LED lights and mounted them at the guardrail base between the vertical railings at regular intervals.

Challenge #2:

Appropriate illumination levels for pedestrian traffic on footbridge were to be maintained at 1 to 2 foot-candles (fc). Vertical illumination was critical to identify the body and face of the pedestrians for safety. Glare control was also a challenge as the luminaires are mounted approximately 2 ft. above the base of the bridge.

Solution #2:

A 14 W, 850 lumen LED adjustable spot light with 40-degree beam was selected with custom features. Custom vertical spread lenses were added to all the luminaires to increase the vertical light distribution on pedestrians. This vertical spread lens distributed the lighting without aiming lights upward.

Challenge #3:

Lighting was also required on the structural supports of this pedestrian footbridge.

Solution #3:

Decorative RGB LED flood lights were used to provide colourful lighting along the concrete façade. The RGB lighting is controlled with DMX to provide the client with custom scenes and featured lighting.

Aurora Café - Telus World of Science Edmonton

Designer: Josh Bornia

Company: DIALOG

This project transformed a science centre’s institutional concession into a destination café for everything from family fuel ups to date night dining. The architectural design is elaborate, incorporating ceilings of perforated metal tiles, acoustic tiles, and off-axis floating drywall. The design required flexibility for events, while maintaining a modest budget.

Designers selected a white colour palette, allowing lighting to bring personality to the café. Dimmable LED downlights and track lights allow an enjoyable space at any time of day. Mounted along the edges of the floating drywall ceiling is ~200 feet of programmable RGB cove lighting. These fixtures magically transform the white café into an adventure through the deep blues and purples of the northern lights. Pre-programmed lighting shows that reflect seasons or holidays are scheduled. An auxiliary input can trigger shows through motion, sound, or temperature sensors, further enhancing the café’s spectacle.

In the spirit of discovery, the café window planters demonstrate how different wavelengths affect leafy plants. The planters are enhanced through LED arrays comprised of red, green, blue, and mint diodes. Illustrating horticultural practices, the system utilizes an astronomical clock to emit only red and blue spectra required by the plants. This displays the specimens under a wide range of colour temperatures (2000K to 10000K). The dynamic light shows in the café synchronise with the flowerbed during events.

Energy conservation was not a priority, but was inherent through the elimination of antiquated MR16 halogen and compact fluorescent sources. The white colour palette throughout further reduces power densities while increasing luminance.

While the upfront cost of this system is significant, the client was happy to make the investment since rental lighting is no longer required for events. The attractive, marketable space is available for private functions, with premium custom light shows to match the event.