Section Organisation

Section Officers

IES members (combination of active Member and Associate grades) are elected each year by the members in their respective Sections.  Section Officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Managers.  The group is referred to as the IES Section Board of Managers.

Section Committee Chairs

IES members (combination of active Member and Associate grades) are appointed by the Section Board of Managers for specific programs or activities for the Section.  These members are appointed each year.

Board of Managers



managers at Large



managers at Large

Some of the 2016 IES Edmonton Board of Managers

Trina Larsen, Steve Eriksen, Ryan Sonnenberg, Josh Bornia, Bridget Fox-Luzny, Sergio Martinez, Colin Fair, Ian McGuinness, Katy Evans, Derek Ginnell, Ben Rajewski, Randy Phung, Brent McCabe, Conrad Andrelunas


  • President - Conrad Andrelunas, (2nd term)
  • Vice President - Brent McCabe (2nd term)
  • Treasurer - Trina Larsen (Past President)
    • Sergio Martinez, EP Co-Chair
  • Secretary - Vlado Cicovski (2nd term)
  • Education - Sunil Nakai, (3rd term)
    • Colin Wright, Education Co-Chair
    • Ben Rajewski, EP Co-Chair
  • Program - Bridget Fox-Luzny
    • John Kirstein, EP Co-Chair
    •  Deborah Savage
  • Membership & Nominations - Katy Evans (2nd term)
    • Ian McGuinness, EP Co-Chair
  • Public Relations & Awards - Randy Phung
    • Derek Ginnell, EP Co-Chair
  • Communications - Ryan Sonnenberg (3rd term)
    • Josh Bornia, EP Co-Chair
  • Colin Fair, Website (2nd term)
    • Adam Behiels, Website Co-Chair (1st term)
  • Sergio Martinez, Emerging Professional Chair
  • Gerald Blouin, Board of Managers
  • Ken Glowinski, Board of Managers
  • Derek Pogany, Board of Managers
  • Glenn Stowkowy, Board of Managers
  • Daryle Tilroe, Board of Managers
  • Chris Barr, Board of Managers
  • Lance Warner, Board of Managers
  • Morley Harke, Board of Managers