Northern Lighting Awards

The Northern Lighting Awards, presented at our Annual General Meeting, recognise exemplary lighting and controls as designed and integrated by all those involved in the Northern Alberta area and beyond, raising awareness and improving local standards & practices.  Projects may range from simple to complex, including creative solutions to both new and traditional challenges.

The projects may be geographically located anywhere in the world, however, design credit must belong to those in our local section.

There will be two award categories: Interior and Exterior.  You may submit projects in one or both categories.  Submissions are open to designers, suppliers, agents and installers – no project is too big or too small!  You may submit multiple projects in both categories.  We are accepting submissions until one week prior to our AGM.

All submissions will be showcased during the AGM's presentations.

Judging:  The Interior and Exterior project submissions will be voted for by all attendees of this year's AGM.  The submission in each category with the most votes wins.  Be sure to encourage your friends and colleagues to attend and cast their votes!

Trophy:  Winners will receive a commemorative plaque to keep and display proudly.  

Draw Prize For Submitting:   We will hold a special prize draw for all those who submit projects!  You will receive one entry per submittal in any category.  For example if you submit two (2) Indoor projects and one (1) Outdoor project, you will receive three (3) entries into the draw!  Only the person submitting will be eligible for the draw. 

Draw Prize For Voting:  All voters will be also be eligible for a prize draw (e.g., gift card). Everyone who attends the AGM will be eligible to vote, even if you have submitted a project.

If you have a project that you would like to showcase at our AGM please send us the following information at least one week prior to our AGM:

  • Project title

  • Project location

  • A short description of the project

  • Up to 5 photos that we can use for the presentation

Photos:  Please submit up to 5 high resolution photos for your submittal:

  • Fill lighting or flash photography is prohibited (similar to the national Illumination Awards).

  • Product name and branding on photos are not allowed.

  • Multiple views/charts on a single image will be counted as multiple images.

  • Photos that have been digitally enhanced are prohibited.

  • Digital rendering images are allowed. They must be accompanied by a photo of the actual installed project. Each digital image will be counted as an image.

Videos: You may submit a video of up to 30 seconds long.  Videos are intended to demonstrate dynamic elements of a project such as colour changes, dimming or other elements that cannot be adequately shown in the photos/images.  It is not counted as one of the photos.

  • The video should not include a “slide show” of still images.

  • Videos of computer rendering is allowed. An equal part of the video must show the actual installed project.

  • Videos may contain written or verbal narration and captions.

To Submit A Project: Simply email us with a brief project description (300 words or less) and up to five (5) high resolution photographs – we’ll contact you to walk you through the rest!