Section Service Award

IES Edmonton appreciates the selfless service & attitudes of our membership.  The efforts of everyone involved, no matter how menial the task, are critical to the health & success of the local lighting industry.

To this end, we occasionally bestow a service award upon those who demonstrate an exemplary level of dedication to the advancement of lighting within our section.


Presented to Wayne Rogers on June 21, 2017 at a local IES event at the Telus World of Science Edmonton.

The Edmonton section of the IES would like to thank Wayne Rogers for his many years of continued service in the Edmonton lighting community.   His contributions of knowledge and passion for all aspects of lighting have been evident in everything that he has provided to our community, serving to ignite a similar enthusiasm in anyone who had the privilege of working with Wayne.


Presented to Tammy Brady at the Annual General Meeting on June 9, 2016.  

As a linchpin of our volunteer section for many years, IES Edmonton owes much of its current spirit and vitality to Ms. Brady's warm nature and reliable organisational skills.

Tammy Brady