Program Overview

The IES Illumination Awards (formerly the International Illumination Design Awards) provides a unique opportunity for public recognition of professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in lighting design based upon the individual merit of each entry judged against specific criteria.

Judges are selected from a broad professional spectrum that represents knowledge of lighting and design excellence. The judging system is based entirely on how well the lighting design does or does not meet the program criteria. This program is not a competition. The program is open to any qualified entrant without limitations as to professional affiliations. The Lighting Control Innovation Award, the Guth Award, the Outdoor Lighting Design Award, the Cutler Award and the Energy and Environmental Design Award are parallel programs created to recognize outstanding lighting design.


The application submission period begins January 1st.


Even if you are not submitting, why don’t you get involved?

Section Judging: A panel of local judges critique projects submitted for the first round of judging.  If you are interested in being part of the Section Judging Panel, please contact our current Awards Chair.

Online Judging: IES members review and score projects from the global pool of submissions

Once the IES Illumination Awards (IA) are underway & the project submittal phase is closed, we will be seeking up to 30 volunteers to participate as this year’s “Online Judges”.

To apply for Online Judging:

Please fill out the attached form.  Once filled out, please send it to Marie Meacham, (IES National).  She will approve your request and will provide you with your own login account.  Applications must be received prior to March 25.