Zoominescence 2018; a Festival of Light

In a big city, light is life. Light is inviting. Light is vibrant. It reflects energy. It can breathe life into a place, or it can take your breath away. Edmonton, the most northern city in North America with a population of over one million, is a world renowned winter metropolis with the proud title of Festival City. People are eager to enjoy activities in their fine city year-round. Through partnership with the Edmonton Valley Zoo, the Zoominescence will illuminate and bring life outdoors in our winter city with this year’s theme being "The VZDS 30th Anniversary & Renewable Energy”.

This December, Zoominescence, hosted by the Valley Zoo Development Society, will stage a spectacular exhibition of artistic light installations within the unique setting of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The festival’s vision is to celebrate light, artistry, imagination and the strong spirit of our community in the winter. With a skating rink, ice slide, fire dancers, ice, light exhibits and 11 artist installations what could be a better outing in the cool month of December? Starting December 1 and running every weekend until December 30. With special bonus opening on December 26, and 27. Come join us for seventeen days of fun, entertainment, lights and activities.