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Each month the IES presents a live webinar with topics beneficial to IES Members and others in the lighting community. We invite you to register now at our website. If you have any questions concerning the webinar series, please contact

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Metrics in Motion: Lumen Equivalency

April 2nd 12:00 PM ET
High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting has been a staple in street/area lighting as well as high bay/warehouse lighting for more than 50 years. As LED lighting displaces HID sources in these applications, many end users seek guidance about specifying LED products. Municipalities, energy efficiency groups, and manufacturers often provide look-up tables specifying HID lamp type, HID lamp wattage, and the suggested LED streetlight fixture lumen output. These values differ significantly among the different look-up tables even for the same HID lamp type and wattage. This webinar will provide an overview of a methodology for determining LED streetlight lumens for new fixtures, along with a review of comparative light loss factors and other considerations for HID and LED sources. The webinar will also review similar considerations for high-bay applications, and briefly touch on LED replacement lamps for HID lamps. Webinar participants are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).